Lucie Lambert was born in 1947 in Shawinigan, Québec. She received a BA in 1968 from Laval University and a BFA, printmaking major, in 1975 from the University of Quebec in Montréal.

In 1973 she received practical training in etching techniques at the Lacourière Frélaut Studio in Paris. From 1980 to 1983, Ms. Lambert lived in Paris where she studied Chinese calligraphy with the Korean painter, Haija Bang, and Arab calligraphy with the Iraqi master, Ghani Alani.  In 1983, she moved in Vancouver and started to study sculpture and jewellery-making with Bill Reid.  In 1990, she was trained in handbuilt ceramics with Laura Wee Lay Laq.  From 1992 to 2008, she started practicing Chinese calligraphy with King Man Lau and with the Master Yim Tse.

The works of Lucie Lambert have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in many Quebec cities, as well as in Vancouver, London, Paris and Strasbourg.  Her work is found in private and 53 public collections in Europe and North America including the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the Bibliothèque nationale of France in Paris, the John Paul Getty Museum in Malibu, the Library of Congress in Washington and the rare book collections of Canadian and American universities. The National Library of Canada and la Bibliothèque nationale du Québec were the first to collect her books.

She became an elected member of the Royal Canadian Academy in 2007.
She is known most widely as a publisher of 13 livres d'artiste*, collaborative works between a poet and herself as printmaker. Her archives as a publisher of books were bought by the National Library of Canada in 2014.

* Le livre d'artiste, originated in Paris and comes with a rigorous set of parameters that define how it is to be made: the graphics must be original prints as opposed to reproductions, and ideally, the paper should be handmade, the type handset, and the book bound by hand.

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